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Recognizing & Responding to Resistance From Clients and Colleagues


Resistance to change comes up in our work often.  As clients discover they must make changes, avoidance, defensiveness, or confrontation can occur.

Recognizing resistant behavior and underlying motivations helps us identify best approaches to respond to unwilling clients, and colleagues.

Learning to "Roll with Resistance" can enhance cooperation between clients and professionals in order to elicit meaningful change, and agreements.

Attendees will experience a dynamic and interactive session and acquire valuable tools for your practice.  You will learn how to conceptualize resistance and prevent, circumvent, and utilize resistance for your client’s benefit and team effectiveness.

You will acquire effective, powerful conversational rituals that prime the brain for trust, partnership, and mutual success, as well as identify the most common errors Collaborative Professionals make that foster and promote client resistance.

Whether you are a Child Specialist, Collaborative Attorney, Mediator, Coach, Facilitator, or Financial Neutral, this Skills Training session will enhance your ability to effectively participate in any type of interdisciplinary client situation.

Deborah Gilman, Ph.D. is a member and current President of the Collaborative Law Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania. Dr. Gilman is a frequent speaker and trainer in both introductory and advanced collaborative training programs.

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, she holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Tulane University. She teaches “Trauma, Crisis and Recovery” at the Masters and Doctoral Level at Chatham University.

Visit Dr. Gilman's websiteHer popular blog - Shrink Rap - is available here.


CFLCW Officer Nominations for 2022

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Daniel K. Smith, CDFA 2022 Chair
Grant Zielinski, CDFA Treasurer
Katherine Harrell, JD Secretary
Sandra Eugster, Ph.D. Chair-Elect | 2023 Chair

CFLCW Board of Director Nominations for 2022/2024 Term

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Christopher M. Drosen, JD | Director 2022-2024
Elizabeth M. Matola, MSW | Director 2022-2024
Jolene D. Schneider, JD | Director 2022-2024

2022 Chapter Chair Nominations

The Nominating Committee recommends the following as 2022 Chapter Chairs
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Holly Mullin, JD Southeast
Robert Arthur, JD Northeast
Janice Wexler, JD Dane Collab Group

CFLCW Committee Appointments for 2022

2022 CFLCW Chair Daniel K. Smith, CDFA has appointed the following Committee Chairs for 2022:
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Megann Hendrix, JD Training
Susan Schramka, Psy.D Membership
Tiffany Highstrom, JD Public Policy
Catherine La Fleur, JD Public Education
Rhonda Hazen, JD Best Practices

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