The Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin (CFLCW) debuted its acclaimed interdisciplinary basic training “The Building Blocks of Collaborative Family Law” in 2004.

Building Blocks is the initial component of the training required of Collaborative Professionals. In 2017, we added training on the emerging models of the Collaborative Practice, such as the “facilitator model.” Starting in 2018, the training followed an actual case from start to finish, and the training modified to provide a greater emphasis upon the practical application of the Collaborative Process.

In 2016, we created the Collaborative Academy – a dynamic new extension of your initial training that continues throughout the first year of your Collaborative Practice. The five Collaborative Academy online continuing education sessions focus upon on the practical aspects of Collaborative Practice. The sessions begin about 60 days following the Building Blocks session, are held approximately every other month, and each are 60 minutes in length. Participation in Building Blocks and the Academy will provide a comprehensive and detailed exposure to the Collaborative Process.


This introductory training session will to help you:
♦Recognize and utilize the basic steps of the collaborative process with clients;
♦Identify and apply your unique skills in a collaborative case given your professional expertise;
♦Explain to clients your role in the process, depending upon the team model used;
♦Prepare clients and team members for the facilitative role/manager in the case;
♦Assess how you must revise your approaches to client communications and your colleagues;
♦Analyze, apply and use a client-centric process to resolve client/family issues and conflict; and
♦Plan your transition from advocacy or diagnosis to neutrality and the client driven solution

August 2023 Training Location

Building Blocks 2023 will be held on August 16 and 17, 2023 at MRA - The Management Association, N19W24350 Riverwood Dr Waukesha, WI 53188. See map here.

Training Fees & CFLCW Membership

If you join CFLCW at the August, 2023 training session, the fee for this training is $395. Every new member of CFLCW also pays a one time membership enrollment fee. This one time fee covers the cost of posting your profile and information on the CFLCW website, your dues for the remainder of 2023 the Collaborative Academy sessions in 2024, and reduced admission to the November 2, 2023 CFLCW Annual Meeting. The enrollment fee is as follows: Attorney – $400, Financial Specialist – $300 and Mental Health Professional – $250. This one-time fee may be paid in installments if you wish; please arrange that by contacting us via email.

The total New Membership cost is the sum of the $395 training cost and the one time membership enrollment fee, or $795 for attorneys, $695 for financial neutrals, and $645 for mental health professionals. Again note that the enrollment fee may be paid in pre-arranged installments if desired. You must pay for the enrollment fee before or at the time of the training unless you have made installment arrangements. Pay at this link

The training and enrollment fees provide approximately 22.0 continuing education credits in the August 2023-July 2024 time period.

Membership Catargories

Professionals may join CFLCW in one of two basic categories - Practitioner or Associate. 

Practitioner members are those interested in serving on the client team as the attorney, coach, child specialist, facilitator or financial neutral.

Associate members serve in an advisory role to the client and client team in a limited and defined capacity. An example of a Associate may be an attorney serving as a estate planner, or a psychologist with specialization in child therapy assisting the child during and following the divorce. Associate members do not serve as one of the primary client team members and have chosen to provide these limited and define services. CFLCW Practitioner members are regularly notified of Associate Members and are expected to refer to and engage Associate Members in their Collaborative Practice. You can read more about the new Associate category here.

Practitioner members may, depending upon their expertise, serve as an Associate member in a specific case. Associate members do not serve in the Practitioner role.

Anyone interested in the Associate member category must complete the full Building Blocks training and meet the Practitioner member standards for their discipline.

Summary of Membership Categories/Fees

Training & Related Fees:

$395 for Attorneys, Mental Health Professionals, & Financial Neutrals who join CFLCW

One time enrollment fee for new members: Attorneys, $400 | Financial $300 | Mental Health $250*

$725 Training fee for anyone not joining CFLCW before or during the training

$199 "Refresher Rate" for any current CFLCW member (no enrollment fee applies)

$59 Student Rate, with proof of enrollment required

*enrollment fee covers online directory, pro-rated 2023 dues and 50% discount in cost of 2023 Annual Meeting

Students may attend the training for a special rate of $59. Students who qualify to join upon graduation and wish to do so must pay the enrollment fee, but installments for that fee are available. *Proof of Student status is required. Contact CFLCW for details via email.

Cancellation Policy: All fees must be paid in full prior to the beginning of the training. Payment may be made online at this website.  In the event you cannot attend after paying your applicable fees, we will refund your payment less a $75 processing fee if the request is made in writing/e-mail prior to July 25, 2023 . Because of venue contractual commitments, we cannot refund any request received after 5 PM CDT on August 1, 2023.

Next Steps

To join CFLCW and attend the required Introductory Training in August, 2023, take the following steps:


Complete the online New Membership Application. Select the appropriate Member Category:

Practitioner Member - Serves as member of client team | Apply Here
Associate Member - Serves the team and client in a professional advisory role | Apply Here
Affiliate Sponsor - Participation in the first morning of Building Blocks is required. Read about this change and Apply Here.

Register for the August 16/17 Building Blocks session online at this link, or if you prefer,

Send a check payable to CFLCW for the total training fee and enrollment fee for your category of membership to CFLCW, P.O Box 305, West Bend, WI 53095, or

If you are a current member enrolling under the "refresher" option or a student, you may register and pay online at this link.