Looking Ahead to 2021 – Elisabeth Bach, JD & Robert Arthur, JD

Dear Colleagues,

As we approach the end of 2020, we want to provide a brief update on the current condition of the Council and the status of various programs of CFLCW for the coming year.

Like many organizations, we had to adjust to the limitations of the current pandemic. We cancelled or scaled back critical Council activities that promote membership and growth, like Building Blocks.

In-person learning and social events, two activities essential to maintaining a sense of community, became virtual efforts.

All of this had an impact upon our ability to communicate with each other and the financial condition of the Council. We were able to secure financial relief via a low interest loan and reductions in administrative and operational expenses.

These actions have positioned the Council for future success. We also need your help to do so.

Your dues are the foundation for CFLCW and we hope you will respond favorably and renew your membership for 2021. There is a modest increase in dues, which the Board of Directors approved, the first increase since 2017.

More importantly we hope you will support the Council through your active participation in the activities that we are confident will occur in 2021. We assume that a vaccine will be available to everyone by mid-year and that will allow us to resume many of the traditional programs – and social events – that further the evolution of Collaborative Practice. Here is a preview of what we have planned for 2021:

  • The Annual Meeting will be November 11, 2021, at Ingleside in Pewaukee.
  • Building Blocks will occur, sometime in mid-summer.
  • The 23rd of September is the date for the Tax Seminar.
  • An online training session with our 2020 Annual Meeting keynoters on Collaborative Advocacy is set for March 10 & 11 in two half-day sessions.
  • A major educational and training event focused upon the mental health aspects of divorce is in the planning stages, and it will involve members, non-members, academics, and other professionals, and open to everyone. We believe it will develop into a premier event in future years as well.
  • Our Chapter Chairs are committed to getting us together again in social settings and focused educational and training activities.

We are dedicated to membership value and enhancement, and you will see several efforts in the New Year to allow you to stay connected and save on services you may already receive elsewhere.

Please renew your commitment to Collaborative Practice and CFLCW. Please reach out to either or both of us with your suggestions. CFLCW is your community.

Robert Arthur, JD                                                        Elisabeth Bach-Van Horn, JD
2020 CFLCW Chair                                                        2021 CFLCW Chair