CFLCW Application – Affiliate Sponsors 2024

Beginning January 1, 2024 Affiliates will be referred to as Affiliate Sponsors as part of an effort to enhance their visibility within the organization and among the Practitioner Members of CFLCW.

Affiliate Sponsors are available for a minimum of $500 a year. This includes an online listing on the Member website, invitations to all social and educational events, and one webinar on the topic of their choice hosted by CFLCW and open to all CFLCW Members and the public.

Affiliate Sponsors also have the option for exclusive sponsorships of a social or additional online event at customized levels. An example might a unique Sponsorship of the CFLCW Annual Meeting program or the Annual Tax Webinar.

Complete the application below. Once approved we will contact you to schedule the Introduction to Collaborative Practice.

Affiliate Sponsorship in CFLCW requires completion of an introduction in the fundamentals of the Collaborative Process. This online session is held quarterly, and must be completed in the first year of Sponsorship. You will contacted via with the date/time of the next session.

Affiliate Sponsors pay $500 per year, which while linked to an individual person, may also be attributed to the person's business or firm.

If your application is approved, you will receive an invoice for the Sponsorship.