Annual Meeting Remarks by Elisabeth Bach, JD – 2021 Chair

Remarks from Elisabeth Bach-Van Horn, JD, incoming CFLCW Chair for 2021

Thank you, Robert, and thank you to all my friends and colleagues here today.

We have all heard that Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

Well, they also call for extraordinary people, and Robert is one of them. Over the past year, and through these very strange times, we have all benefitted from Robert’s leadership and devotion to CFLCW.

He worked hard to keep us on course, to keep us focused, and he did so, in part, by leveraging technology in ways many of us could not have. We all learned the value of the word “adapt.”

Thank you, Robert, for your intensity, your service, and your camaraderie.

Clearly, we will continue to face challenges as an organization and as professionals in 2021.

We will continue to adapt and CFLCW needs all of you to continue your support and dedication.

We WILL have Building Blocks again.

We WILL have new and exciting training opportunities again.

And, we WILL have social gatherings again!

I am excited to see 2021 on the horizon– (for a lot of reasons!) and I look forward to working with you all in the new year.

We have a great Board and dedicated committee chairs and we need your help and participation.

So, please Stay safe and stay involved – in fact, get more involved than ever if you can. We are all working for good things here, and we can all be proud of that!

See you in 2021.