Board Nominee for 2019 Sandra Eugster, Ph.D.

Sandra Eugster, Ph.D., has been nominated to the Board for a 3 year term.

With a view of divorce as a “normal” life event, I am passionate about assisting individuals, couples and families to utilize their best selves as they navigate the complex process of un-coupling. Recovery from this difficult undertaking is faster and easier when people are able to steer clear of the pitfalls of bitterness, revenge, and distrust, and behave in ways that align with their core values. I serve as divorce mediator, coach, child specialist, and parenting coordinatorIn addition to my work in Collaborative Divorce, I own and manage a group psychotherapy practice, offering excellent psychotherapy services to the Madison community. 

Sandra practices in Madison at Westside Psychotherapy, LLC, 4513 Vernon Blvd.

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