CFLCW Committees Need You!

CFLCW has several standing and program committees that provide guidance to the CFLCW Board of Directors and membership as well as implement programs relative to collaborative practice. Committees are critical to the success of the Council. Take a look at the objectives of these committee here. Sign up today! Not sure which Committee? Send us your questions and we will contact you.

2020 Chair Year End Message – Robert Arthur, JD

Remarks at the 2020 Annual Meeting by Robert Arthur, JD, 2020 Chair This has been an interesting year. I serve professionally with many organizations, and all of them have experienced hardships this year, for obvious reasons. I am extremely proud of CFLCW, because I think we have maintained our momentum and actually grown in some areas. For that, I thank all the board members, committee chairs, committee members, and everyone who has participated in endless Zoom meetings and participated in dozens, even hundreds of email […]

Annual Meeting Remarks by Elisabeth Bach, JD – 2021 Chair

Remarks from Elisabeth Bach-Van Horn, JD, incoming CFLCW Chair for 2021 Thank you, Robert, and thank you to all my friends and colleagues here today. We have all heard that Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Well, they also call for extraordinary people, and Robert is one of them. Over the past year, and through these very strange times, we have all benefitted from Robert’s leadership and devotion to CFLCW. He worked hard to keep us on course, to keep us focused, and he did […]