CFLCW Application – Associate Members

The category of Associate Member was created in 2023 to allow professionals supportive of the Collaborative process to engage in Collaborative Practice in a subject matter expert role to assist teams and clients. Associate Members do not serve as the Attorney, Coach, Child Specialist, or Financial Neutral on a Collaborative team.

Associate members serve in an advisory role to the client and client team in a limited and defined capacity. An example of a Associate may be an attorney serving as a estate planner, or a psychologist with specialization in child therapy assisting the child during and following the divorce. Associate members do not serve as one of the primary client team members and have chosen to provide these limited and defined services. CFLCW Practitioner members are regularly notified of Associate Members and are expected to refer to and engage Associate Members in their Collaborative Practice. You can read more about the new Associate category here.

Associate Members are expected to meet the same standards as Practitioner members and must complete the Introductory Training – Building Blocks. The 2023 edition of the training is scheduled for August 16 & 17, 2023. Read more about that training here.

Before competing the application for Associate Membership, please review the CFLCW Ethics & Standards of Practice, as well as a summary of the Associate Member category. There are defined training, academic, and licensure requirements applied to all CLFCW member categories.


Note: Mediation training and/or interest based negotiation training is not required for these Associate designations at this time.
One of the above licensed designations is required for membership.
One of the above licensed designations is required for membership.

Associate Membership in CFLCW requires completion in the Introductory training in the Collaborative Process, and payment of a one-time enrollment fee. That fee covers dues for the first year, placement of your materials in our online directory, and a reduced admission to to the Annual Meeting in the first year. The enrollment fee is:

$400 for attorneys,
$300 for Financial Specialists and
$250 for Mental Health professionals.

The Membership year is January 1 to December 31.