2017 Memorials Collaborative Foundation of Wisconsin

The Collaborative Foundation has received donations in 2017 in memory of the following:
Carmelo Cusma, father of Josie Cusma, 
Dale Holtz, father of Casey Holtz, Ph.D
Kathleen M. Baird, JD
Robert D. Stansbury, father of Carlton Stansbury, JD
Gilbert G. Zielinski, father of Garrick G., grandfather of Gerard G. & Grant G. Zielinski
Memorial donations may be made online at

The Collaborative Foundation of Wisconsin (CFW) is an IRS approved 501c3 tax exempt non-profit charitable organization registered in the State of Wisconsin. It was created in June of 2013. CFW was established with several objectives in mind:

  • Develop and distribute informational and education materials to the public regarding the Collaborative Process, collaborative law and divorce options.
  • To provide free or lost cost Collaborative services to families of limited financial resources who might otherwise not be able to take advantage of the Collaborative Process. 
  • Conduct research and other inquiries into the effect of the divorce process upon families with an emphasis on the impact upon children

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors and services are provided by volunteer attorneys, mental health professionals and financial experts. The four functional areas of the Foundation are summarized below


The Legal Services committee, chaired by Roberta Rieck, JD, is responsible for the review of applications for Foundation services and for developing policies and procedures for the delivery of Foundation programs to Wisconsin families of limited financial means.


This Committee is charged with investigating and securing funding for Foundation activities through public and private underwriting organizations. It is chaired by Daniel K. Smith, CDFA with legal assistance from Robert McMillian Arthur, JD


The Research Committee, chaired by Robert Arthur, JD, is investigating opportunities for the Foundation to support research in the broad area of family law with a particular emphasis upon the effects of divorce upon children.


The Committee has its roots in the former Public Education Committee of CFLCW. With the formation of the Foundation, its Board of Directors suggested that the basic responsibilities of the former PEC be transferred to the Foundation to take advantage of the status of the Foundation as a public charity to deliver services and information to Wisconsin citizens. The new committee, chaired by Grant Zielinski, CDFA, is in a transformative stage as it seeks to provide information to the public and generate ideas and programs to provide funding for those activities. The Committee has established several working groups summarized below.

The full committee meets at 9 AM at the offices of Divorce Financial Solutions on the following days: February 22nd, Wednesday June 21st and Wednesday October 25th

Public Outreach (Second Saturday Committee)
This subcommittee is responsible for second Saturday events for 2017 in both Milwaukee and Dane county. 

Avery Mayne, JD
Amber Ragonese, JD
Anne Brannon, First Federal 
Brian Behl, CDFA

Revenue Generation (Golf Outing Committee)
Responsible for the Golf Outing in 2017. 

Katy Eckhardt, JD
Anne Brannon, Johnson Bank, Affiliate
Brian Behl, CDFA
Lynn Magner, CFP
Grant Zielinski, CDFA
Judy Koob, Realtor, Affiliate

Revenue Generation (Spring Fundraiser Committee)

Gerard Zielinski, CDFA
Deb Melvin
Grant Zielinski, CDFA
Renee Nawrocki, JD
Robert Arthur, JD
Katy Eckhardt, JD