Welcome to the Collaborative Academy


The Collaborative Academy is the Training and Continuing Education portal for the Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin. It is the Forum and information exchange of the New Collaborators Division. The Division was created to help new CFLCW members and practitioners under 40 learn from each other and interact with experienced practitioner mentors. 

The Collaborative Academy is also the second step in your collaborative training. Five times during the year, Collaborative Academy members will participate in a 60-minute roundtable discussion led by experienced CFLCW members on practice tips and issues that arise in the Collaborative Process. Each topic has been formulated by those who have experience in the collaborative process.

2018 graduates of Building Blocks are automatically enrolled in the Collaborative Academy. All CFLCW members may attend!

Here is the 2018/2019 Academy Schedule*

The sessions are 1 hour, starting at 12 Noon, earn attorneys 1 CLE  and are lead by a moderator. There are specific issues that the moderator will raise with the group. All Academy sessions are FREE to all CFLCW members; the sessions and credits are now a benefit of your membership; 5 credits per year at no cost.

Beginning in September, 2018, Collaborative Academy sessions will be ONLINE Webinars that are open to all CFLCW Members.  Here are the specific dates for the 2018-2019 series of webinars beginning at 12 Noon:

MAY 16

Watch your email for an announcement of topics and registration procedures. Remember these sessions and the continuing education credits are free to all CFLCW Members.

Also in the works is an online "bulletin board/listserv" for the Academy which will appear on this page. Look for it in September!

New Collaborators Committee Mission:

The purpose of the new collaborators committee is to provide resources and networking opportunities for young and new collaborators.   Our goal  is to create an environment that will keep new collaborators involved in CFLCW by providing them available resources and tools to build a successful collaborative practice and create new collaborative cases.  In conjunction with the Collaborative Academy’s schedule of events, this committee will provide additional outlets where both new and inexperienced practitioners or affiliates members can informally discuss the core principals of collaborative divorce process and find their own niche within this group of professionals.  Any informal meetings will be open to all prospective members and affiliates.  Please keep an eye out for these additional discussion opportunities available throughout the annual Academy schedule. 

If you or prospective members have any questions about the New Collaborators Committee or collaborative divorce in general please feel free to contact Gerard Zielinski directly at 414-294-4755.