Continuing Collaborative Credits


The Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin has established a requirement that CFLCW members participate in at least six (6) hours of Continuing Collaborative Credit (CCC) every two (2) years. Credits can be earned by attending any of the full day training programs such as the Annual Meeting, or attendance at organized luncheon meetings, local Chapter meetings and training sessions, CFLCW sponsored Socials, etc.

The current two-year reporting period will run from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2018

Each CFLCW event or activity that meets the intent of the CCC program will include a notification of the credits attached to that event, e.g., “6 CCC.” When a CFLCW Member serves as a trainer/ faculty at a CFLCW organized or recognized event, the CCC is doubled.

All CFLCW events that involve a registration form will automatically be tracked by CFLCW; it is the responsibility of the member to register for the event using the form/sign-in provided by CFLCW. As part of any CFLCW event with registration CFLCW administration will track the applicable credits via our membership and financial accounting system.

Social events such as those hosted by CFLCW members and held without a registration process will qualify for credit via a self-reporting honor system.

Attendance at conferences by other national, international or state organizations also qualify and members should report those events and credits involved via email to Susan Phillips.

2019 Continuing Collaborative Credits


2018 Continuing Collaborative Credits

Collaborative Academy sessions: 1.0
Dane Collab Group Monthly meetings attended: 1.0
March Tax Webinar - 6.0
Building Blocks, 2018 - 13.0
July DCF Rule Weminar - 1.0
November 2018 CFLCW Annual Meeting - TBA

2017 Continuing Collaborative Credits

Collaborative Academy sessions: 1.0
Dane Collab Group Monthly meetings attended: 1.0
Building Blocks, 2017 - 13.0
June Mediation Rule Seminar - 3.0
November 2017 CFLCW Annual Meeting - 9.5

2016 Continuing Collaborative Credits

4th Annual Tax Seminar - 7
Webinar: Issues in Elder Divorce - 1.5
Dane Collab Group: Life Insurance Issues in MSA - 1.0
SE Chapter: What Works - 1.0
Dane Collab Group: What Works  - 1.0
Building Blocks - 13.0
Interstate Custody Agreements, -  3.0
August Collaborative Academy Session - 1.5
October Collaborative Academy Session - 1.5
CFLCW Annual Meeting - 9.5
December Collaborative Academy - 1.5


2015 Continuing Collaborative Credits

3rd Annual CFLCW Family Financial & Tax Seminar - 8.0
Building Blocks of Collaborative Practice - 15.5
Social Security & the "Late in Life Divorce"- 1.5
Money, Money, Money…and Emotion - 1.5
Managing ACOD's - Adult Children of Divorce - 1.5
15th Annual Meeting - 7.5
Dane County Chapter - "Ethics and Collaborative Practice - 1.0
All Dane Collab Group Meetings - 1.0