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NOTE: Most of the information on this page is being revised for 2023. Before submitting any application for membership please contact us at

Membership in the Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin, Inc. (CFLCW) provides family law attorneys, mental health professionals and financial advisors with the resources, training and support to develop and grow a collaborative practice. The Collaborative Process involves several professional disciplines with different degrees of intensity of service and subject matter expertise. Our membership recognizes the unique and valuable contributions of every member regardless of category and seeks to include all who share our commitment to the process.

Collaborative Practitioner Membership is for those legal, mental health and financial services professionals who will be directly involved in the Collaborative Team upon which the process is based. Therefore, maintaining a distinctive level of training, professional standing and ongoing development is critical given this direct client interface. The requirements for Practitioner Membership are:

  • Attend the Building Blocks of Collaborative Practice or an equivalent approved collaborative family law training and participate in the 5 Collaborative Academy continuing education sessions held in your first year.
  • Maintain any required professional license to practice in Wisconsin and be in good standing within your profession (attorneys must be in good standing with the State Bar of Wisconsin);
  • Adhere to the principles and guidelines of collaborative family law as prescribed by the Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin;
  • Maintain professional liability insurance coverage as required by your license or professional organization;
  • Pay the membership enrollment processing fee, which varies by practitioner level: Attorney – $400, Financial Specialist – $300 and Mental Health Professional – $250

This initiation/enrollment processing fee is a one-time fee and covers the cost of adding your practice to our searchable website database, distribution of a new member orientation packet with material unique to your profession, your participation in the Collaborative Academy sessions in the first year, and inclusion of you into various publication and information distribution lists. This fee also includes the first year dues payment, i.e until 12/31 of the year you joined.

  • Pay the annual dues starting in year two of your membership (annual membership year is January 1 to December 31) as follows: (2023 Dues listed here)

    • Attorney – $250
    • Financial Specialist – $250
    • Mental Health Professional – $175

Download the Practitioner Membership Application form here.


Affiliate Membership is exclusively for those professionals with related roles in the family law process, such as mortgage lenders, appraisers, real estate brokers, and others. Although not part of the client-facing Collaborative Process Team, Affiliate Members can provide critical services to the parties involved in the process and assist the client post-settlement. Affiliate Membership in the Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin includes training at reduced rates, placement on the Council’s Website Member list accessible by the public and selected opportunities to network with other Members and build business relationships.

Effective January 15, 2016 applicants for Affiliate Membership must submit the names of at least 2 Practitioner Members as sponsors for their membership application. The CFLCW Membership Committee of the Board of Directors will review all applications. Affiliate dues for 2022 are $250. Affiliate Members may join CFLCW at any time but are required to register to attend the morning session of Day 1 of Building Blocks as part of their orientation.

Download the Affiliate Membership Application Form

Associate membership  – Details coming soon

Emeritus Membership is available for those Practitioner members that have retired from practice and wish to remain connected to CFLCW and their colleagues. Emeritus Members will receive notices of CFLCW professional and social events, and there is no cost associated with the membership. If you are interested please contact us!