Tidbits of Info That Don't Fit Elsewhere!

Perri Ellen Mayes, JD, who served for a time as the Executive Director of CFLCW, passed away on March 1, 2018 following a brief illness. More information has been made available on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website.  CFLCW has sent its condolences to Perri's family and colleagues.

NBC News Story - New tax laws will likely make getting a divorce even worse

Here are some archived news links that may be of interest:

MarketWatch, 11/19/17 - Under Trump’s tax plan, divorces are about to get a lot nastier

Articles/stories on National Public Radio's "Divorce News" site.

Insight Financial Strategist Blog 11/10/17 -  "Killing Alimony"

AB 521 - Repeals the 6 month waiting period to remarry; passed Assembly; pending in State Senate. AP News Story here.

And in other news..

  • Be a CFLCW Sponsor! Unlike the past which involved one-time ad in the Annual Meeting program, CFLCW Sponsors receive a banner ad on the public website, The options can be viewed here. Banners are placed on the public website on the front page, the “Find a Professional” and the “Take the Tour” pages. The site receives around 400 visits per week. Sponsors can also bundle their sponsorship, dues and Annual Meeting registration into 10 equal monthly payments. Be a Dolphin Award, Gold or Silver sponsor for 2018!
  • In case you forgot, there are 2 websites connected with CFLCW – the site for the public ( and your member site ( The Member Directory appears on both and so make sure your info is up to date! Check out your listing on the Member Directory Not happy with your photo or missing your bio?? – Just send the info to the Help Desk, and we will update it for you. (see details below)


The Directory here at the Member Website will automatically be duplicated on the public webpage. Visitors at Collab Divorce dot Com will be able to view much more information about you and your practice - in addition to your profile the public will see a map with your office location, a link to your website, contact info, and the ability to send you a direct message (but without revealing your email address - we do that to prevent you from being "spammed" by automatic email robots on the internet)

If you wish to have your listing updated, here is what we need – (all are optional of course – you can also choose to only have your name and contact info listed):

  1. “headshot” for your business card listing (the front page of the directory).
  2. Any pictures/images you wish to have posted as part of the profile page – see the ones in the sample. These may be your office, any  “best ‘whatever’” logos or awards, whatever is appropriate. Only send pictures not drawings, cartoons, caricatures, vector images, etc. Please provide a high resolution photo – we cannot do much with low resolution/low quality pictures
  3. Specific text you want included in the Education, Training and Profile sections. We have some training info, but very little educational detail, and the Profile does not have to be a resume – it can be whatever you like.
  4. A “tagline” that goes on the front of your business card listing – this is similar to a mission statement but you are limited to 80 characters, so plan carefully. This "tagline" will be the first thing a member of the public will see when they open the directory or search for you, so it is important.

Send your info to us. You can use simple text, MS Word, whatever works but do NOT send a “pdf” file or text/copy saved as an image file/picture.