Message from the Chair | April 17, 2021

From Issue 1 of the 2021 CFLCW Newsletter:

Pines Bach LLP | Madison, WI

Seldom has a quote seemed more applicable than this one, often attributed to a former attorney turned author, Robin Sharma: “Change is hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle and best at the end.”

As we approach – we hope –the end of this messy year of virtual meetings and limited social interaction, the CFLCW Board decided to add a way to exchange information among us with this CFLCW Newsletter.

It is exciting to send along this first issue and tell you to look forward to quarterly releases in June, September, and December. A printed newsletter has not been a part of the Council for over a decade and we hope you will find this old idea a great new idea!

Technology and Zoom meetings and sharing applications are valuable, but it is our wish that the Newsletter will provide a diversion from those formats and allow for some old fashioned quiet reading time.

It is also a way to tell you that, while much has changed, CFLCW is beginning to resume activities and programs. The 2021 Annual Meeting will occur on November 11 at Ingleside in Pewaukee.

The Building Blocks introductory training resumes August 12 & 13. The Tax & Family Financial Seminar broadcasts on September 23. The Family Law Golf Outing is set for Wednesday, July 21.

More information on these programs will be forthcoming, as well as social events later in the summer.

Twenty years ago, CFLCW began its first full year. As a movement it was hard to implement – it was a fundamental change, after all—and perhaps messy at times. Yet after two decades, the many ideas inherent within Collaborative Practice continue to evolve and grow.

I hope you will continue to support it, practice it, challenge it, and make it the best.