Minnesota Training Session

Deepening Without Drowning: Accessing Hope, Managing Threats & Breathing Fresh Air

Sponsored and hosted by the Collaborative Law Institute of Minnesota
Date: Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Time: Full Day (Specifics to be provided)
Location: Dakota Lodge, 1200 Stassen Lane, West St. Paul, MN 55118
Cost: $200 CLI Members | $250 Nonmembers

Have you ever been stumped, and discouraged, by the continuing and sometimes escalating couple conflict during group discussions – despite the sincere efforts of the professional team?” Do you sometimes feel like your “case” is drowning and you are desperate for an oxygen tank?  In this workshop, we will learn how asking about the parties’ hopes and diving deeply into their perceived threats can bring fresh air to a collaborative case. Working with the “Insight Approach” to conflict, we will learn to notice and respond to conflict behaviours rather than what the conflict is about. We will learn how and when to ask questions to unearth the threats that escalate and sustain conflict, without provoking it, and how to use what is learned to promote an authentic shift from conflict to collaboration, without forcing or faking it.
Participants will learn:

  • New ways of thinking about interpersonal conflict.
  • New skills to notice and intervene in conflict (early and often).
  • How to help clients talk about what matters in ways that do not threaten.
  • How to ask about hopes in a productive and meaningful way, and to work with the responses to help uncover threats.
  • How to stop talking about what we think the conflict is about – and to stop talking about what we think matters to the parties – but instead to be curious and ask good questions so we can find out from the parties themselves.
  • How to do all of this while facilitating a process leading to agreement!

Dakota Lodge | 1200 Stassen Lane | St. Paul, MN 55118

Phone: 952.405.2010  | Email:

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