Office & Board Election Results-2022 Annual Meeting

On November 3rd the members gathered at the Delafield Hotel for the 2022 Annual Meeting adopted a proposed change to the By Laws. Beginning with the 2023 Annual Meeting, the position of Chair and Chair-Elect will become two year terms. The change was made to allow for consistent planning and continuity of CLFCW leadership and programs. In the "post-COVID" world more groups and associations are adopting longer office terms for this reason.

In addition the Members approved the nominations of the following officers for 2023:

Daniel K. Smith, CDFA - Chair


Sandra Eugster, Ph.D. - Chair -Elect

Katherine Harrell, JD - Secretary

Grant Zielinski, CDFA - Treasurer

Nanette Karls, JD of Madison was elected a Board Director for a three year term succeeding Ashley Richter, JD, also of Madison.



Catherine La Fleur, JD of Milwaukee was recognized by Chair Dan Smith for her efforts to reach out to a number of professional organizations to educate and inform them about the work of the Council.