Collaborative Marketing/Client Materials

In April of 2013 the CFLCW Board of Directors, upon the recommendations of the Public Education Committee (PEC) and the Membership Committee, adopted a new membership materials policy. New CFLCW members will now receive a New Member Practice Packet which will include information to help them communicate the collaborative process to potential clients as well as background information on CFLCW.

Practitioner Brochures
Every CFLCW member may request - at no cost - a number of specialized tri-fold brochures that explain the role of the team members and the client. CFLCW has these brochures available as part of your membership dues. However, we ask that you limit your request to 50 of each at any one time. If you have a need for a greater number, please contact Susan at Each of these brochures has a space on the front panel for you to stamp your contact information or to apply an informational label if you choose.

(If you wish to have materials personalized with your contact information, that option is available but they would be provided directly by Ripon Printing. Please do not contact CFLCW for personalized material - See "Ordering Brochures" below).

Divorce & You

The Collaborative Attorney

The Collaborative Coach

The Financial Neutral

The Collaborative Child Specialist

There is a Better Way

Collaborative Law in Wisconsin

Ordering Brochures

These brochures may be ordered by visiting the  CFLCW Brochure Store, which is a direct link to our printer partner, Ripon Printing. Once you have registered, you can select the materials you wish to obtain and Ripon will process your order and it will be shipped to you at no cost.

(If you wish to have any brochures pre-printed with your contact info, contact Samantha Kasten at Traxion, which is a division of Ripon Printers, at Her phone number is 262.317.8256 You will pay the total cost of printing and shipping for personalized material and there are minimum order levels. 

Personalized materials are provided by Ripon Printing - please do not contact CFLCW.