Collaborative Practice Resources


The forms on these pages are provided for use by CFLCW members. They are copyright-free. Except as noted, all are in Microsoft Word format which allows you to copy and insert into your personalized material. If you have additional forms that you feel are helpful to the collaborative process, and would like to share them, please contact us. The materials available here were last reviewed and updated in May, 2016.

Stipulation & Order for Collaborative – Effective 1-1-2015

The CFLCW Board of Directors has approved a redraft of the Collaborative Stipulation and Order as recommended by the Board’s Governance Committee. This revision – which became effective on January 1, 2015 – contains revisions that were made to provide a more consistent structure as well as improved readability, incorporate many of the principles established by the Uniform Law Commission with the Uniform Collaborative Law Act, and reflect a new Wisconsin Supreme Court rule regarding limited scope representation. Download the revised form.

Materials Listing: (right click to download document/form)

Collab Agreement with Children 2015
LSR Notice – Notice of Limited Scope
LSR letter to Court for filing and notice – Sample of LSR Letter to Court:
Confidential Client Intake – with Children
Collaborative Representation Agreement – Sample, Attorney
Client Information Sheet
Spouse Letter – Advising of CP
Spouse Letter – Advising of CP; child-focused
Team letter with contact info
Child Specialist Participation Agreement (open fees)
Collab Agreement Mental Health
Collab Letter Financial
Marital History
Child Developmental History
Client Engagement Packet – Sample Client Packet, Divorce Financial Solutions
Collaborative Flowchart – PDF version
Summary of Collab Process – Word version
Meeting Minutes
MSA Outline with children Sample Marital Settlement Agreement, with Children
MSA Outline Sample Marital Settlement Agreement
Financial Disclosure Statement – Individual #1
Sample Financial Disclosure Statement – Individual #2
Financial Disclosure Statement – Joint
Financial Disclosure Statement – Joint_w_CC
Financial Disclosure Statement – with children
Financial Disclosure Statement Instructions
DCF150-15 – Child Support Excel Program
Property Division Worksheet
Temporary Support Calculator
Collaborative Client Evaluation
Divorce Models
Client FAQ 2013