Building Blocks Registration


This the REGISTRATION FEE to attend the 2022 edition of Building Blocks. Completion of this training is required for membership regardless of your profession. Please note the various registration categories. If you also join CFLCW you will be required to remit an enrollment fee, which also available for online payment here. See more information below.


Training Fees & CFLCW Membership

If you join CFLCW at prior to or at the August 18 & 19, 2022 training session, the fee for this training is $395. Every new member of CFLCW also pays a one time membership enrollment fee. This one time fee covers the cost of posting your profile and information on the CFLCW website, your dues for the remainder of 2022 the Collaborative Academy sessions in 2022/2023, and reduced admission to the November 3, 2022 CFLCW Annual Meeting. This totals approximately 22.0 continuing education credits in the August 2022-July 2023 time period.

There is a one time enrollment fee is as follows: Attorney – $400, Financial Specialist – $300 and Mental Health Professional – $250. This one-time fee may be paid in installments if you wish; please arrange that by contacting us via email. The application for membership may be downloaded here. The total Membership cost is the sum of the $395 training costs and the one time membership enrollment fee.

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Building Blocks Registration

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