Research Committee Created

The CFLCW Board of Directors has created a new standing committee – The CFLCW Research Committee. Appointed as Chair of the Committee was Robert Arthur, JD, the 2020 CFLCW Board Chair and a member of the IACP’s Research Committee.

The Board has long sought to obtain and compile research applicable to divorce and other issues of interest to the Council, and with the development of the IACP effort, there is an opportunity to have members participate in the efforts.

Members will recall that at the 2017 Annual Meeting Linda Wray, JD from the Minnesota Collaborative Institute and a member of the IACP research committee discussed the 2017 IACP Client Survey results.

Suggesting the time is right for such a committee, Robert Arthur said that “understanding what clients are experiencing in our approach is critical for improving the process and our practice skills,” adding that “until clients can tell us what worked well and what didn’t in their case, we can only rely on our belief that collaborative is a ‘ better way’. We need more than anecdotal information.”

Members willing to serve on the Committee can submit their interest on the Board and Committee page